Tried and Tested: Wed’ze G-TMAX 900 E-TINT goggles

Wed'ze G-TMAX 900 E-TINT ski goggles

Wed’ze’s innovative new LCD electrophotochromic technology means a click of a button is all it takes to change how much light your goggle lenses allow through in varying conditions

Wed’ze’s flagship goggles include all the tech you’d expect from top of the range goggles – like ventilated double lenses with anti-fog treatment, a wide field of view, comfortable foam cushioning and 100% UV-protection – but the E-TINT technology is undoubtedly their most interesting feature.

Wed'ze G-TMAX 900 E-TINT ski goggles

Using innovative LCD electrophotochromic technology a simple press of a button instantaneously changes the lens from dark lens (for bright conditions) to a light lens (for foggy conditions). While it sounds like a bit of a gimmick it really does work, and is far quicker and less faff than swapping lenses; you really can just click and adapt to changing light conditions mid-run, for more definition or more sun protection as needed.

As the ‘E’ in ‘E-TINT’ suggest the tech relies on electricity and the goggles feature a small unintrusive battery between the lens and the strap. Wed’ze claim a quick one hour charge (via the supplied USB cable) provides up to 16 hours of use, which is in line with our testing. We’ve generally managed 2-3 days of skiing per charge, even in particularly cold blizzard conditions.

SPEC: Double density foam, 40mm wide strap with double silicone strip, cylindrical lens with anti-fogging treatment, as well as high-tech ETINT electrophotochromic LCD technology.

RRP: £129.99