Julbo are firing out goggle designs with vigour these days, and the Skydome fills a previous gap in their ‘big round goggle’ sector of the market.

Except that Julbo’s take on this is to deliver a deeply spherical lens which doesn’t take over your entire head. This has advantages when slotting it together with different helmet brands – it doesn’t push down your face. 

The frame is sturdy and has dual density foam with a felted layer against the skin which absorbs sweat. We’d class this frame as suiting medium-sized faces, though passing it around the bar, some of the bigger noggins found it had enough flex to fit comfortably.

The lens – a new Reactiv Cat 1-3 spec – is fast-reacting to light and shade. There’s always a little lag but the tech is getting very slick these days. The blue outer reflective finish hides a slight brown tint, which I find good for picking out detail on low-light days. At full tint the lens feels like it’s soaking up plenty of glare; because of the conditions I never got a full-ampage glacier day so never felt the need for more sun-stoppage, but there was no soreness on bright days.

They’ve been hijacked for a Japan trip where the light range and accurate detail should work well in the trees.


  • Air Flow Venting for max air circulation and reduced fogging
  • Anatomic frame for more flexibility
  • Anti-fog coating on inner surface of lens
  • Dual Soft Foam for mega comfort and softer contact with skin.
  • Frameless construction
  • Full silicone strap for perfect grip
  • Offset strap for compatibility with all types of helmet
  • Reactiv Photochromic lens
  • Spherical double lens
  • Symmetrical adjustment loops on either side of the strap


Useful, classy lens in a quality frame.

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