Tried and tested: X-Socks Ski Comfort

A clever blend of fibres and durable build make these ski socks some of the best around

These sell for around £24, which is starting to get into proper money for ski socks. Mind you, the range goes up to £80 for cashmere versions which is another level again. As with all technical socks, most of the cost goes into a pretty fancy sewing machine and a blend of fibres woven into defined shapes corresponding to what a foot in a ski boot needs.  In the case of the Ski Comfort there’s a four-way mix, with acrylic delivering padding and warmth, nylon doing durability, merino wicking away the sweat, and the elastane stops them falling down.


What we look for in a ski sock isn’t generally apparent for about a season, because most of the decent brands can deliver comfortable and supportive for a week’s skiing. It’s after 10 wash cycles (inside out and no fabric softener, ski sock washerwomen/men!) that you know if it’s still the same size and the seams aren’t going holy.

It’s one reason we’ve picked X-Socks as our subs gift. With just a couple of other brands, they’re the only ones that still look the same after two seasons. The shape and padding work to offer some ankle support and toe warmth, as well as a decent rubbing patch on the shin which means you can forgo the sticking tape. Compared with lightweight socks they look bulky, but we found that they don’t pack out boots significantly, and worked particularly well on season-old boots where the inner has packed down and you need a bit of extra filling.

Verdict: great construction, warm, good stability. A fine ski sock, and FREE with a Fall-Line subscription (or available from good ski shops).