On occasion a product will land on our desk to test whose design makes a lasting impression. The WeeDo Snowsuit was one of these standout products we had the privilege of testing recently. The list of key features in the suit would be enough to seal its impression on us, but the innovation and artistic, humorous nature of the design was the cherry on the cake.

Our three-year-old son has uniquely worn the Monster suit since it arrived, both because he selects it every time over his standard ski wear – and because we do. We both love the look and the practicality of it.

So, let’s start with the look, because if you are considering a suit like this for your nipper, then you have already decided to forego the standard blue/pink salopettes and matching jacket ensemble that we have seen over and over again with kids’ skiwear. And good for you! How boring ski suits have been for kids for so long!

The number of smiles the Monster suit spreads around the mountain is worth the price of purchase alone. Speaking of which, the price will probably be the single reservation some potential customers might have. But let me assure you that you are not simply paying for a pair of horns and a yellow tummy – you are paying for a suit so feature-laden it rivals adult suits.

Deep inhalation…. and… go:

  • You have 10k/5k waterproofing/breathability (some of the highest rating that kids’ suits offer)
  • Full body Hyperloft insulation (this means arms, torso, legs)
  • ‘Growing System’ for snap-button size adjustments as your child grows
  • clever buttons to lift the hems out of the dirty slush when walking to/from the lifts
  • weatherproof zips
  • a super-handy waistline zip for using the loo without fully undressing
  • several pockets including a ski pass pocket; fleece lining
  • kneepads, elbow pads and bum pads
  • an adjustable, helmet-compatible hood with an elasticated inner lining so it stays put on their helmet… and breathe!

Essentially, this suit from WeeDo has at least all the features of the top long-standing ski brands and on top of that, it makes your child laugh and everyone who sees them laugh too, and on a sometimes stressful family holiday, nothing is better than seeing what appears to be a miniature shark or lion or monster whizz past you and remind you of how much fun there is to be had.

Hats off to the designer, Antje.- This is zero compromise meets creativity. We can’t wait to see what she produces next.



Feature-laden and super-fun. One of the best kids’ ski suits we’ve seen on the market for a while.

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