This year’s best helmets

15 ways to protect your head this season

Uni-sex helmets

1.  Atomic Nomad Live Fit, £100

Atomic NOMADAN5005218_NOMAD_LF_DARK_BLUE_1_tif

This well-fitting lid is one of Atomic’s best-sellers, and rightly so. It’s a real all-rounder, featuring Live Fit technology (a breathable band of memory foam which offers a precise, immediate fit) and a super-protective ABS hard shell. Dual-zone venting keeps air flowing and your bonce cool, and you can plug in to the latest Katy Perry belter (admit it, you love her) through the audio-compatible and removable ear pads.

2. Bollé Millenium, £109


Using a clever hybrid of ABS and in-mould constructions, the Millenium offers up top-notch protection. It doesn’t skimp on comfort either: an air-extractor keeps your head cool, and although the Click-to-Fit system won’t win any awards for creative naming, it does make for an ultra-precise fit. It’s all topped off with removable ear pads, washable furry lining and a magnetic chin strap.

3. Cébé Contest Pro, £79


FWT champion Eva Walkner is a fan of the unisex Contest Pro, and it’s easy to see why. It weighs in at just 390g, but features a hardy in-mould protection, integrated visor, removable ear pads and a Fine Tuning Fit (FTF). We’ve no doubt the inbuilt ventilation and breathable 3D mesh panelling help keep Eva’s head cool when she’s riding her judge-pleasing lines, too.

4. Julbo Symbios, £125


Eyewear specialist Julbo show they are more than a one-trick goggle-making pony with the Symbios. Nicely lightweight at 480g, it features an injected ABS upper, and a light in-mould lower. We’re especially impressed with the Smart Venting system, which makes adapting to conditions a cinch, along with the very precise 3D adjustable fit.

5. POC Receptor+, £195

POC Receptor-Plus-Uranium-Black

The Receptor is big on versatility. It’s the only helmet in the world certified for skiing, snowboarding, biking, skateboarding and watersports, with the included accessory kit making it a cinch to change modes. It uses the patented VDSAP system, featuring double overlapping shells, to counter knocks, plus a multi-impact EPP liner. In short, it’s the bee’s knees if you’re a multi-sport hero.

6. Scott Seeker MIPS, £100

Scott Seeker MIPS Helmet

New this season, the Seeker comes with the MIPS Brain Protection System, which cleverly protects the head from multi-directional impacts. It uses two different venting systems to take stagnant air away from your head and goggles and keep air flowing, and features an ultra-light in-mould construction. Great stuff from Scott.

7. Shred Slam-Cap, £135

SHRED_SlamCap_NoSeason_Slash copy

The Slam-Cap is a winner, far exceeding Euro and American safety standards for both snow and bike. That’s largely down to the Slytech Noshock Honeycomb Cone structure which dissipates impact forces laterally, limiting the transference to your head. Anything else? Ample venting, antimicrobial silver fibre liner and the ShredWheel fit system.

8. Sweet Protection Grimnir, £330


Sweet Protection keep bringing out the goodies. Independent research suggests that their Ignitor MIPS helmet offers some of the best protection on the market, and they look to outdo that with the new Grimnir. The shell is made of incredibly strong Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, which works with impact shield to distribute pressure and absorb energy, while MIPS technology reduces the risk of brain injury. But what is really clever about this lid is the two integrated mounting points for POV cameras, which are structurally reinforced to make it less likely that the camera will be able to puncture the shell during a hard crash. Sweet protection indeed!

Women-specific helmets

1. Bern Lenox EPS, £90

Bern Lenox_White

Twin sis to the Bern Watts, this has been around ages but is still one of the best helmets out there if you’re after a no-nonsense set-up and low-profile look. The visor is permanent but works a treat in all conditions, and despite low-tech venting it works very, very well. Heat gets out, hardly any snow gets in.

2. Bollé Juliet, £84


This injected ABS shell is designed specifically for women, sporting Bollé’s first-rate Click-to-Fit system for a cocoon-like fit. Adjustable venting battles hot-headedness and the hypo-allergenic liner is a blessing for sensitive skin. Removable ear pads offer extra warmth for the coldest of days.

3. Giro Era MIPS, £100

Giro-Era-Mips - need bigger image

The Era is one of the many Giro lids to be upgraded with Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) this season. The casing is designed to slide from side to side, absorbing collision impact and reducing the force of a blow to the head. We’re also impressed by the breathability of this lid; it uses Stack Ventilation to circulate air out of your goggles and Thermostat Control to draw hot air away from your head.

4. Lazer Tempted, £150

Lazer Tempted Purple Grey

Let us tempt you (sorry!) with this female-specific offering from Lazer. Not only does it look and feel the part, with removable ear pads and furry fleece lining, but it ticks boxes in the safety game, using the brain-mimicking MIPS technology to increase head protection. Lazer’s own Cappuccino Lock system integrates a combination lock into the strap so you can leave it securely during lunch or après-ski, or even use it as a ski lock. Nifty!

5. Head Avril, £85


As part of the A Series, the Avril is filled to the brim with innovative tech. Think 13 hole ventilation system for optimum airflow, lightweight construction and excellent thermal regulation. The Flexcore technology uses EPP as its core material, pairing a high strength-to-weight ratio with a high rebounding speed for outstanding impact performance. Stylish head protection: sorted.

6. Salomon Quest Auto Custom Air, £130


Not only is this women’s -specific lid (hello faux fur ear pads) but it sports the Custom Air fit system, forming to the head securely without pressure points. Venting is plentiful and the lining removable and washable. The real talking point here, though, is the EPS 4D liner, which disperses shocks more efficiently, achieving a safety rating 30% above the EN -1077 standard.

7. Uvex, P1US WL £115


The P1us range (yes that’s P-1-us, not a typo) of helmets are Uvex’s all-time bestsellers. Made in Germany with thermoplastic technology, they are 16% lighter than standard ABS offerings (from 410g) and feature closable vents and removable ear pads. The women’s WL also has a 3D IAS system for a perfect fit, plus a peachy-soft liner.