12 of this season’s best goggles

Good goggles can make the difference between a great day on the mountain and a terrible one. Here’s twelve of this season’s best

1. Atomic Savor 3, £85


Top of the Savor range (so all the tech you need) yet still well-priced, especially as they come with a Cat 1 spare lens (majorly useful for low light/poor visibility). Like most recent goggle models, think big field of vision and oversized freeski fit; although in this case not too huge, so ideal if you’ve a regular/medium sized head.

2. Bolle Emperor, £53


A smart choice if you’re moving from traditional fit to a larger field of view as these are not too mega (and don’t make your head look totally bug-like/absurd). Like many new(ish) models, think more lens, less frame, plus spherical cut lens for great viz. Flow-Tech venting, triple-layer face foam and anti-scratch armour complete the package.

3. Dragon NFX2, £149


It’s all about the Swiftlock lens change for this new model, which won ISPO goggle of the year (at skiing’s huge annual Euro trade show). Using a pair of small, locking levers integrated into the frame, you simply flip levers up to release, pop a new choice in and lock it down. Oh yeah, suck on that ski civilians!

4. Julbo Aerospace, £175

Julbo aerospace_j74050135

New this year, and perfect for backcountry exploring as they promise to vent just as well going up as down. As you start hiking/skinning, pull the lens forward for maximum air flow, then once ready for the real action snap it back into place. Uses Julbo’s usual and excellent minimalist frame and lens choices, including photochromic Zebra Light (Cat 1-3) and Cameleon (Cat 2-4). Win a pair with our Fall-Line fan of the month competition.

5. Nike Fade, £109

NIKE Fade_WhtUnivRed_BlkYeloRedIonIon

Medium fit, mid-level goggle that features  Transitions tech to take the edge off mega bright light or boost dull days. Very pensioner-on-the-bus spec, but rather useful and clever nonetheless. DWR on the mesh keeps moisture out, and airflow optimum!

6. Oakley Flightdeck XM, £165

oo7050 flight deck

Finally a smaller/scaled down version of the ever-so-awesome Flightdeck, which was inspired by fighter-pilot helmet visors. Rejoice if you have a small head/usually have to buy Asian fit, as you are now in the land of ever-so-quick-and-easy lens changes with options including the new Prizm Torch and Sapphire optics.

7. Salice 604 Luna, £80

Salice Luna

There was once a dearth of goggles for sallow cheeked, feed-me-now skiers, and then loads come along! This is yet another fresh style for small chops, featuring a new style of hinge (that apparently fits more snugly with helmets as it can rotate) and Salice’s excellent Zeiss lens choices.

8. Salomon X-Max Photochromic, £215


Bring on the big wallet! But you are getting a mighty field of vision via a low-profile frame and the biggest lens Salomon has ever made. Tech is tasty too, with flexible inner frame for good face-moulding, twin-lock lens change, plus you obviously get the light-changing properties, hence the Photochromic name!

9. Scott Dana, £75

Scott Dana Goggle

Female-specific goggles are an endangered species, with plenty of manufacturers simply offering a downsized version of a men’s models and listing them unisex. But should you feel the need for purple, the Dana won’t let you down thanks to the usual Scott goodies – like OptiView lenses, and three-layer molded face foam.

10. Shred Amazify Walnuts £130


Has there ever been a stranger named goggle than Tom Wallisch’s pro-model? It does make the A-Frame sound a bit, well… snore, snore. Like the vast majority these days, frame is slight and field of view, well, huge. May not help you spin like the street-skiing king, but its a nice thought.

11. Smith Squad, £85


Go for a large frame goggle and you’ll be getting a spherical lens, whereas the slim and sleek Squad, new last season, is cylindrical. As you’d expect it’s a medium/smaller fit, and well priced as it comes bundled with bonus lens, plus useful tech like Hydrophobic coating and articulating outriggers. Available in men’s and women’s versions.

12. Uvex Jakk TO, £125


A new goggle from Uvex that’s not boxy and just for racers? Meet the freeride Jakk (with the name all about the unique venting system that’s designed to be mated with the Jakk+ helmet and suck air up like a giant vacuum cleaner to stop fogging!). ‘TO’ stands for ‘take off’ via the nifty two mini-magnet quick lens change system.