Like a Lion: the real story behind skiing’s most divisive figure

Tanner Hall is the most controversial icon in the history of skiing, yet there’s no denying that he’s a legend of the sport

Whether you love him or hate him – and there’s a lot to both love and hate about him – there’s no denying that 7-times X-Games gold medal winner turned backcountry superstar Tanner Hall is one of the greatest and most influential skiers of all time.

He’s ultra-competetive, often outspoken, has battled depression and drug-and-alcohol addiction, and remains one of the very few professional athletes that openly promote the use of cannabis. He’s also shaped freeskiing as we know it today, won a bunch of medals, successfully recovered from two horrific injuries, played a large part in growing in Armada skis into the successful company it is today, made a number of incredible videos, and might just be the best in the world at charging gnarly pillow lines.

Like a Lion – The True Story of Legendary Skier Tanner Hall

A documentary feature film about the most controversial skier of the last decade, LIKE A LION tells a tremendous story of adversity and self-confidence, tragedy and triumph.

In 2010 he released his biographical film Like a Lion, which is now available free to watch online. It’s a dark, dirty and brutally honest look into the real Tanner Hall, and doesn’t shy away from his many controversies and problems, and his blackest days following serious injuries and the death of CR Johnson. Yet at the same time it’s an uplifting story about how a freaky little kid from Montana has grown into the legend that Tanner is today, showcasing his pure love and joy for skiing along the way, and a resilience and courage that demands respect whatever your opinion on other aspects of his life.