Where do ski photographers spend their summers?

We asked some of our favourite snappers about how they spend the off season

Grant Gunderson

“At home in Bellingham, Washington, riding mountain bikes, relaxing… I might fit in a tropical vacation or two, and hopefully a few weeks’ skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Adam Clark

“Salt Lake City, Utah, my home, is where I try to spend as much of my summer as possible. But I’ve spent the last 11 years making the trek to Chile/Argentina. I love South America so much! Great people, great skiing and always good adventure. I am also looking forward to a spring trip to Baja, Mexico, to warm up the feet after a long winter. I’ll be surfing… and not checking my emails.”

Oskar Enander

“I live in Engelberg, Switzerland, so I usually spend some part of the summer there – I hike a lot and also do a bit of biking – and then about a month in Sweden seeing the family and visiting old friends.”

Reuben Krabbe

“Living in Squamish (near Whistler), riding my bike locally when I’m home, and going on photoshoots and adventures across the province. This summer I have a certain destination bike ride in mind that I’m really hoping will happen, but, it’s tricky to get to that location… it is one of these elusive ‘first time bikes have been there’ kind of missions.”

Brent Benson

“In Salt Lake City running my house-painting business. Not glamorous but it helps pay the bills! The nice thing about Salt Lake is the weather, lots of sunny days, and on good snow years, Snowbird stays open to 4 July. I also do astro photography. Utah has five national parks which are some of the darkest places in the US because of very little light pollution.”

Stef Godin

“At home in the French Jura mountains, shooting landscape, summer activities and sports for the local tourism offices. In June I go Réunion island for a vacation; in August I might plan to ski in Argentina.”

Daniel Rönnbäck

“I spend half my summer in Stockholm were I live – it’s a beautiful summer city with a vibrant nightlife and an archipelago for water activities. The rest of the time I’m travelling for work, shooting mountain biking, fashion, commercials… If I can I’ll try to go on a couple of surf trips in France or Portugal.”