Spyder presents ‘The Art of Confidence’ short film series

Through their own stories, Spyder athletes Giulia TannoAmie EngerbretsonLorraine Huber, and Alice Merryweather talk about confidence.

These women remind us that even the most fearless, confident, uncompromising and extraordinary of us wrestle with fear and self-doubt. By taking a hard look at some of their deepest fears and discussing how to overcome them, these female athletes show the art of confidence and how you can find yours in the process. 

Watch episode 1 with Amie Engerbretson – Fear 

Fear is an emotion that impacts each of us uniquely. It can harden your resolve and show you the path to overcome, and it can manifest in physical form or be rooted deep inside your psyche. In the inaugural episode of The Art of Confidence, we learn how the Spyder women’s team experience, understand, and harness fear to achieve their goals and dreams.  

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