Sportswear for those who Dare 2B

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Functionality and affordability – enjoy the best of both with sportswear brand Dare 2b

Here’s a brand to look a bit deeper at – one which gets a thrill out of adventure, whether that be running, yoga, cycling, hiking or (of course) skiing.

Launched in 1999, Dare 2b is a multi-sportswear brand with over 23 years of experience pushing the boundaries of design and innovation so that you can push yourself to the limit outdoors. Whatever tickles your sporting tastebuds, their products are designed with you in mind.

But let’s focus on why we’re all here shall we?


Dare 2b ski gear in use action shot

This is what Dare 2b is known for and is a brand that continues to do it well. There aren’t a shed load of brands which do it well across several disciplines and remain affordable, which is probably why Dare 2b is a memorable name for skiers and sports-lovers alike.

Like us here at Fall-Line, they are also dedicated to sustainability while remaining functional. In 2020 they vowed to stop using fur or down products, and have since implemented the use of a synthetic that performs better than down while balancing warmth and weight.

Sounds pretty good to us.

On top of supporting the environment, they also support Snow Camp, a ski-passionate branch of the national youth charity, Switch180. Through this partnership, Dare 2b strive to bring skiing to all – an ethos which reflects their price tag – great for the thrifty skier who wants quality and steez to boot!

Men's Dare 2b ski jacket and pants ski shot

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Dare 2b have got the kit to inspire and enhance performance, from first lift to that Aprés sesh, and everything in between.

You can kit out your kids for the outdoors, yourself for yoga or running.  Not forgetting cycling and the gym.  But what Dare 2b is known for and continues to do well is skiing…