Tried and tested: Smartwool Spring Gloves

He’s a lumberjack, and he’s OK with a pair of these gloves

Most people know Smartwool for baselayers and socks, but we’ve had a couple of non-standard experiences. One is with a pair of surprisingly comfortable cycling shorts and the other is for a pair of long-serving spring gloves.

These latter look like a bit of a classic because they’ve been in the range for a while without change. This pair has been on and off my hands for a few seasons without so much as a handwash cycle. The leather palms have withstood edges, powder-plants and scrambling back onto paths through bushes. I’ve extricated myself from trees and even, a couple of times, enjoyed some relaxed piste skiing.

They have a Velcro fastener, so don’t fall off, and the nylon material on the back seems robust enough. I don’t get very cold hands, so use these throughout the season and keep them in my pack as a spare pair when not being worn.

The merino lining wicks well and doesn’t stick to your hands when you pull them off halfway up a hike. Did I say they lasted well?

Overall, spot on. I’d buy another pair without hesitation.