Shane McConkey tribute reminds us to live each day to the fullest

Shane wasn’t one to live for the weekend. He woke up in the morning determined to make each day better, more outrageous, and more fun than the last

It’s fair to say Shane McConkey was one of the most inspiring and influential skiers of all time. Not only did he shred to the absolute highest level, but he just made it all so much fun! For Shane skiing was just hilarious, and he refused to take it too seriously – and constantly poked fun at all the big egos in the industry at the time through his alter-ego Saucerboy.

Here are five minutes of classic McConkey antics, from backflips to ski base jumps, accompanied by commentary from some of the legends he inspired like Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk, and Travis Rice.

Shane McConkey Action Highlights & Tribute | McConkey

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Shane’s death in March 2009 sent shockwaves around the world, but his legacy lives on as strong as ever – not least through the Shane McConkey Foundation. He inspired countless people to simply live better lives – to push and challenge themselves and to live every day to the fullest – through his incessant joie de vivre, constant lust for adventure, and passion for the environment. He also quite literally changed the direction of skiing too: if you’ve ever ridden a pair of fat rockered reverse sidecut skis and slarved out big powder turns, you have Shane and his experiments with the Volant Spatulas to thank for the sensation.

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