Scarpa Ski Boot Made from Production Scraps

split image - one half featuring black ski touring boot, the other half the plastic production scraps held in man's hands from which the ski boot is partly made

Introducing the Maestrale Re-Made, Scarpa’s limited edition ski mountaineering boot, made entirely from production scraps.

A best-selling touring boot, the Scarpa Maestrale has been re-made using recycled materials in a bid to use less carbon.

The Maestrale Re-Made use a cutting-edge polymer derived from around 3 tons of manufacturing scraps, that Scarpa has been recovering from production and storing since as far back as 1995.

Creating a pair of Maestrale Re-Made boots emits 27% less carbon dioxide than the production process involved in creating a “classic” Maestrale boot from Pebax Rnew, which in turn is a plant-based material that emits 32% less carbon dioxide than fossil-based plastics.

The design and entire manufacturing process behind the Re-Made boot were developed by Scarpa’s Green Lab, the production department dedicated to trialling sustainable solutions.

The performance of the Maestrale Re-Made matches that of the original Maestrale – making it the perfect boot for ski mountaineers who seek intuitive and comfortable alpine touring boots with an even bigger reduction in the environmental impact of their boots.

The Maestrale Re-Made boots are limited edition and are exclusively available at Ellis Brigham for £500.