Protect Our Winters: Warren Smith on climate change in the Alps

Without winter there is no snow. Without snow there is no skiing. It’s time to stand up and do something!

Protect Our Winters is an international climate activist group. Originally started by snowboard legend Jeremy Jones in the US, it has branches in Austria, France, Sweden, Norway and Finland – and now the UK.

British professional freeride skier and maverick ski instructor Warren Smith has joined up as a POW ambassador. He’s been working winter and summer seasons in the Alps for over 25 years, so has seen first hand the damage wrought by climate change – and has had to move his summer camps three times due to receding glaciers.

Protect Our Winters UK

Warren Smith, POW UK ambassador, talks us through the impacts of climate change in the mountains. Sign up to POW UK and join the movement: Camera: Kaylum Smith

Protect our Winter’s aim is to mobilise the UK winter sports community to act now against climate change. They plan to change the narrative on climate change so “taking action becomes easy, fun and rewarding,” increasing corporate and consumer pressure for sustainable products, services, policies and investments.

Without winter, opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports will be seriously limited. Already we’re seeing profound glacial retreat around the world, higher temperature volatility and more erratic snowfall patterns.

If you care about winter, it’s time to stand up and be counted. Sign up to Protect Our Winters UK on their Facebook page here.