Piste Skis of 2024

a deep carve on pristine piste

No. of Piste skis featured in the 2024 Gear Guide: 19
No. of testers: 11
Testing location: La Clusaz

If you’re after a carving ski for going hard and fast on the piste, you’ve come to the right place…

Featuring our top performing Piste ski of 2024, that just so happens to be Overall Ski of the Year from any category – All-Mountain, Freeride, Freestyle, Touring, Freetouring – from the hundred-plus skis we tried out for this winter. Plus the runner up Editor’s Choice carving skis of 2024.

There are a lot of skis in this category, a lot of specs and stats. These might be our top picks, but to make sure you’re looking at the right ski for you, dive in to the in-depth reviews and access the full list of skis featured in our 2024 Gear Guide. Click to buy and browse the digital issue (£3.50):

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Inside you’ll also find featured:

  • Atomic Redster X7 Revoshock C
  • Dynastar Speed 763
  • Fischer RC4 Power Ti
  • Head Supershape E-Magnum
  • K2 Disruption SC
  • Völkl Deacon 72
Salomon Addikt Pro skis

SALOMON Addikt Pro

£780 (inc. bindings)
Lengths 149, 156, 163, 170, 177cm 
Radius 13m @ 170cm
Dimensions 120-66-104mm 
Weight per ski 2,690g @ 170cm with binding 

Designed for skiers addicted to spending every chance they get carving down the mountain, Salomon’s newest on-piste Addikt Pro will instantly get you hooked. Its innovative Motion Tail technology and narrow waist make it a responsive yet forgiving ski that keeps it fun to mix short and long turns as you ski all day.

Hands down, the most excellent ski Salomon has produced for some years. Why have we selected this as our 2024 Ski Of The Year? Everyone, irrespective of gender, who got on the Addikt Pro just lit up. Even people from other brands were gob-smacked at how good it is. It was equally loved by female and male testers, from 50kg to over 90kg, intermediate to professional level. We all only skied it in a 163cm and 170cm and still loved it. Its appeal is down to the heady mix of accessible performance, energy, grip, feedback and FUN.

This is not a race ski, and there are plenty of more powerful piste skis out there. The beauty is that you get on this ski and don’t have to think– you just ski for the soul-nourishing pleasure of it and have the biggest grin. Maybe that’s the g-forces at play?

This is a piste ski for groomed terrain. It suits moderate to stronger intermediate skiers right through to experts and seasoned pros, female and male. It doesn’t require you to have a full-on Alpine boot. We skied it with race, piste/all-mountain and freeride boots and still enjoyed the similar sensations. It is dynamic and reactive when pushed, but easy at low speeds and a pleasure to ski.

To read the full, in depth review of Fall Line’s Overall SOTY that is the Addikt Pro, click below:

Black and green Elan Primetime in best piste skis 2024

ELAN Primetime 55

£935 inc bindings 
144, 151, 158, 165, 172, 179cm
Radius 13.7m @165cm
Dimensions 121-69-102mm
Weight per ski 3,180g @ 165cm with binding

The lightning-fast quickness of Primetime 55 stems from its 69mm waist combined with state-of-the-art Power Match Technology, a design that matches the construction of the ski with how the skier puts power to the snow, for more natural control of the inside and outside edges throughout the turn.

Innovative Slovenian ski maestros Elan deliver the goods once again. The new Primetime family is sensational, epitomised by the 55. This ski provides perfectly planted piste performance, with a versatility of turn shape for any slope.

Advanced and expert-level skiers will get the most from the Primetime 55. If you ski primarily on firm, groomed terrain, like moderate to higher speeds, and want to vary your turn shapes depending on the terrain and how spicy you’re feeling, this ski is spot on.

Nordica Spitfire DC 74 Pro  in best piste skis 2024

NORDICA Spitfire DC 74 Pro

£650 inc bindings
Lengths 160, 165, 170, 175cm
Radius 15.5m @ 170cm
Dimensions 124-74-104mm
Weight per ski 1,740g @ 170cm without binding

The Spitfire DC 74 Pro’s tailored to the needs of on-piste skiers who demand exceptional performance. It’s incredibly playful and versatile and loves to turn, thanks to its multi-radius design

Fun, playful and smooth, the Spitfire DC 74 Pro delivers confident dampness when engaged into the turn yet lots of life to pop you around into the next direction. It is fantastic when gunning it, yet still feels in control and easy to ski at lower speeds.

Ideal for higher intermediates through to upper advanced and expert-level skiers, the Spitfire 74 Pro loves to carve tram lines down the groomers. If you’re happy to crank it up, you get rewarded. On easier days, skiing with the kids or if you just want to dial it back, they’re not punishing, and you still feel like a ski pro.

Rossignol Forza 60D V-Ti skis in best piste skis 2024


£775 inc bindings 
156, 164, 171, 179cm
Radius 13.0m @ 171cm
Dimensions 130-75-112mm
Weight per ski 1,400g @ 171cm without binding

Pure engagement and full angulation for expert skiers. The Rossignol Forza 60D V-Ti sets a new standard for advanced carving.

Premium piste performance for full-throttle fun. The Forza 60’s wide shovel and tight sidecut is like autotune for turning. If you love a carve and want to nail that perfect arc, get on a Forza for the ride of your life.

An advanced skier’s dream-date for gunning it on the groomers in short to medium turns. It does ski large arcs, but that’s not its forté. If you’re just getting into carving, then check out the Forza 50. We tested them and they’re a little more forgiving and softer flexing, ideal for intermediates. Rossi has another new piste model, the Essential, with sustainability as its core development pillar.