It’s Onesie Time!

NICOLA tests the OOSC Folie Suit

There is no way of understanding how good an OOSC suit actually looks until you see it in its natural habitat – on the mountain. The colours and the form-fitting shape make the wearer look like they were sent in a time machine from an era when skiing was all about fun, when it took itself less seriously!

I initially was nervous about wearing a suit so bold, but since feeling how streamlined and comfortable it is, and hearing the comments of approval I am getting, I am genuinely picking it over some of the most technically advanced jackets and pants in the business. 

Some days all I want to do is just have fun out there, and it is impossible not to ski with a feeling of joy when wearing this suit.

Sure, the breathability and waterproofing (10,000gm/10,000mm) aren’t much to talk about, but there are plenty of features besides the retro looks that make the OOSC Folie suit for women (there are loads of men’s options too) a practical outfit for almost any mountain experience. The insulation provides great protection from the cold, and there are vents under the arms and at the thigh for extra breathability. I have skied in this one-piece on sunny, warm days;in blizzards with 100km/h winds; on powder days; on wet days; and never once did I get too cold or too hot. 

It’s also worth pointing out its eco credentials. OOSC (Original Old School Ski Company) make all of its outerwear from recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.

The greatest pluses are the form-fitting svelte nature of the suit – I never realised how bulky some of my other jackets and pants are – the colours, and the reminder that skiing need not be so serious. 

It harks back to the age of bold style, flamboyance and fun. Let’s bring that attitude back! Thanks for the reality check, OOSC.


Super comfortable and with a big dollop of fun.

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