Nordica NRGy 100 ski, Gold Award Winner

The truly abysmally named NRGy series nearly didn’t get a ride, so snobby are we when it comes to text speak.

But, like the adventurers we are, the whole range was examined, and then re-examined. That only happens when we know there’s something good underfoot, and it didn’t take more than a couple of turns on and off piste to work out that Nordica had put “entertain”, “liveliness”, “feather-like weight” and “crap name” into the ski mould to pop this out.

The only reason we’ve chosen the widest model is because we’re Fall-Line and we like ’em fat (within reason). 

We also think the 100 has a little more punch than the others and therefore suits you, our punchy readers. But if you weigh less than 80kg, go for the 90. It’ll float and carve better for you and still has lots of NRGy. See what we did there? [Please commit hara-kiri with a blunted ex-rental pole – Ed] 

The joy of the 100 is that it’s
a full-width Freeride ski that dances around like a beginner’s piste model, thanks to a titanal sheet with weight trimmed from the ends – you can see it through the transparent topsheet. 

There’s tip rocker too, as well as a good springy camber and a fat 136mm tip. Go for head height to get the most out of it.

Nordica rate the NRGy 100 as an expert ski, but we really think this is one for aspiring freeriders and up because it’s so brilliantly usable and astoundingly fun to ski. As of this season, we’d class it as one of the most entertaining skis ever made.