No snow blues…

Lots of friends, both pro and recreational skiers, have been grumbling about this season’s snow.

There’s much too much green still out there, although, on the bright side its generating a lot of business for my mate Tim who services skis at his shop in Bromley. He had a big pile of skis, rusty and full of holes that he was servicing for customers, they looked as though they’d been dragged out of a river.

The pros have been having a difficult time finding good snow for clients, though they are being über positive in public.

One lucky friend Phil is helping to coach celebs in Kühtai for the jump, its the first time he’s been and wants to know where everyone’s been hiding this freeride gem ‘mate it’s empty’ he said, and they were sitting on 80cm of snow. Unfortunately for Phil he’s been working like a dog and so hasn’t really been able to exploit the terrain. I’m out there in a couple of weeks and so hopefully I can get him out for a ski if he’s still around.

The good news is there has been a fair bit of new snow over the last ten days with another couple of medium dumps forecast soon with more to come. All those nasty weather systems hitting the UK have brought snow to the Alps and so we all can get pow turns now and not just the lucky few.