Nevia | A Sam Anthamatten story

©Syo van Vliet skier sam anthamatten

Freeride skier Sam Anthamatten is involved in so many film and mountain sport projects. But rarely are they about him. But in documentary Nevia – meaning ‘snow’ or ‘something new’ in Italian – the camera is turned on Sam, putting him in the spotlight. Nevia explores what happens when the enabler becomes the protagonist.

“Many people probably wouldn’t have become who they are if Sam wasn’t there”

Markus Eder, fellow freerider and The North Face athlete

In this 2022 production, the Legs of Steel film collective set about exploring Sam’s vital role in the community. It showcases deep insight into the trust and partnerships required to reach the top level of exploration. So often we see the rider and not the different vital roles in the mountains. The slick lines, and not the vast safety measures in place to minimise risk, maximise adventure and understand goals outside of convention. Goals defined by weather windows and conditions so specific, they take years to actualise.

This is Sam’s attempt to fulfil his dream line:

Ascending and descending the Obergabelhorn – a multidisciplinary mission that involves paragliding from Zermatt, his hometown, to the Obergabelhorn north face, hiking up to the top, skiing down, and then flying back home.

It’s an ode to a love of paragliding, ice climbing, free skiing and all things mountains.