Men’s Overall Ski of the Year: Scott Slight 93

Scott’s Slight 93 is an amazing all mountain weapon, and the deserving winner of Fall-Line’s 17/18 Ski of the Year Award

If there’s one thing that Scott do well, it’s build ‘do everything’ skis – skis that’ll make you smile all over the mountain and laugh at your friends quiver quandaries in the boot room each morning. Scott has carried that ethos from the original Mission (arguably the definitive all mountain ski of its day) right through the Crusade series, and now into their replacement – the Slight series.

Scott Slight 93 all mountain ski in action

Available in 93 (as in millimetres under foot) and 100 versions, the Slight fits straight into what Scott are calling the ‘crossover’ category as the modern all mountain ski, and they don’t disappoint. Like their predecessors they’re gutsy enough to smash through crud, wide enough to surf a beautiful powder turn when opportunity presents itself, and torsionally stiff enough to hang onto even the slickest of January hardpack – but Scott have also added a new quality to the mix: lightness. As skiing evolves so does the notion of a ‘do it all’ ski, and at 1500g/ski the Slight is light enough to foray beyond the reach of the lifts when new lines and fresher snow beckon.

The Slight’s real magic though is the sheer lack of compromise. Clever technology like the elliptical topsheet and use of unidirectional and triaxial carbon plus aramid fibres, stiffening stringers and Scott’s funky ‘3Dimension’ sidecut – essentially a blend of turn radii along the length of the ski – results in a ski that isn’t only at home all over the mountain, but genuinely performs all over the mountain.

The nice subtle tip rocker provides just enough lift to stay composed in variable or deep snow, and the 15 metre turn overall turn radius whips easily across the fall line without hanging up on lumps and bumps. Lay them over on piste and the edges bite and grip with the tenacity of a bulldog, and there’s plenty of energy to rebound into shorter more explosive slashes if you load them up. The tails scrub around smoothly too – they’re a joy to billygoat down more technical terrain and end-of-day mogul fields become a pleasure rather than chore.

Fundamentally the Slight is a ski that we could reach for every day of the season on any mountain in the world without having to think about it – and know that we’ll have a good day regardless of conditions or plans. Which is why we’ve awarded them our coveted Men’s Ski of the Year award for 17/18.

Scott Slight 93 Specifications:

RRP: £500
Lengths: 160, 165, 170, 175, 180
Turn radius at length: 15 @ 170cm
Weight (g per pair): 3000

Scott Slight 93 ski product image

The test team’s opinions:

“An amazing ski. One of the only true all-mountain skis that really work all over the mountain. Superb edge hold and carving on piste; solid enough to bash through crud; fun and dependable throughout. Take it off piste and the sporty wide shovel floats my boat in whatever/wherever you ski. Absolutely outstanding!”

Martin Chester 

“Playful and poppy on piste with great edge control when pushed hard. Grippy and confidence-inspiring and would suit an advancing skier looking for a true all-rounder. Whilst not super wide its off piste performance was very strong with good punch in the shovel in variable snow.”

Lee Hardy


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