Men’s 22/23 Touring Boots | Editors’ Choice

Go further, faster and higher into the big mountains this winter with our Editors’ Choice Men’s 22/23 Touring Boots

Dynafit TLT X  

Sizing (MP)
Walk mode Y, 60°
Volume Medium 
Last (mm) 101 
Flex Not stated 
Weight (per boot) 1,030g per boot (no size stated) 

Weighing in at just over 1kg, the new TLT X is a fast and light boot with a comfy 101mm last width that allows for the inevitable foot and toe splay that comes with heart-pumping long days in the high alpine. This latest TLT does away with the stubby, blunt Speednose of its predecessors, so it’s far easier to find crampons to fit. Despite the toe looking like a normal ski boot, it’s only for use in full PIN bindings. There’s no official flex rating, but if you value low weight and speed on the ascent, over full-on skiing power, then the TLT X is a great choice. (For more drive then look at their Radical Pro or Hoji Free boots.) The glass-reinforced Grilamid cuff and Grilamid shell provides decent support for something weighing just 1,030g. Flipping the top buckle unlocks the cuff and the broad power strap for a rapid transition to tour mode. If you fit the included, optional, thin upper power strap then you’ll want to loosen that too. However, this one does provide added support when skiing. A twist fit system, akin to BOA, takes care of tension over the foot. 

BEST FOR: Committed tourers looking for a fast and light boot best suited to driving skis 100mm or under. 

K2 Dispatch LT 

Sizing (MP)
Walk mode Y, 60°
Volume Medium 
Last (mm) 100
Flex 120 
Weight (per boot) 1,465g @ 26.5 

The lightest boot in the Dispatch range from K2, using the TourFit LT, heat-mouldable Ultralon liner, rather than the BOA liner in the stiffer Dispatch Pro. The outer is Pebax, a really lightweight plastic, that maintains a pretty consistent flex pattern across a wide range of temperatures. This boot is brilliant to ski and tour in, with plenty of movement for the up and enough support for all but the very strongest skiers on the way down.  

It’s a small detail, but the laces in the liner are looong. This is great, as they don’t needlessly unthread from the eyes and you can really yank on them to get a lovely snug hold. The buckle over the front of the foot is reversed, so it doesn’t pop undone when hiking deep snow, while the cuff ladders have sprung bail retainers, so they stay where you want them, when in tour mode. 

BEST FOR: Descent-oriented skiers looking for a light yet beefy boot to drive a freetouring rig. 

Scarpa 4-Quattro XT 

Sizing (MP)
Walk mode Y, 61°
Volume Not stated (we’d put these as Medium) 
Last (mm) 100
Flex 130 
Weight (per boot) 1,500g @ 27.0 

In our humble opinion, this is the best ski boot Scarpa’s ever made. Claimed as the lightest hybrid GripWalk boot, our test pair weighed 60g less per boot than the stated 1,500g for size 27.0MP. That’s pretty darn light for a GripWalk sole, although this one is bonded on, so you can’t just unscrew the sole. A Grilamid Bio shell, using plant-based plastics, is boosted with carbon to deliver masses of power and drive when skiing. Your foot sits low in the shell, giving a really connected feel with excellent sensitivity.  

The quick release, elasticated Booster strap combines with the four-buckle closure, beautifully wrapping the foot and leg with the powerful new 4 Pro Flex XT liner. The cables on the buckles ensure you don’t get any undue pressure points. The walk mode switch is dreamy, easily released through your ski pants for 61° of unhindered motion.  

BEST FOR: Multi-faceted skiers looking for a one-stop quiver-killing boot to tour AND shred the resort. 

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