Man loses GoPro on cliff drop and finds it 3 years later!

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your GoPro on a deep powder day, but finding it in working condition on a summer hike three years later almost makes up for it!

In March 2013 Axel Peterson from Montana’s infamous ‘Bridger Brigade’ lost his GoPro on a sizeable cliff drop in Big Sky Resort. Despite stomping his landing, the impact was enough to send his camera spinning away into the deep fluffy powder, and that was apparently that.

The Lost GoPro // Big Sky Backcountry

In March 2013, Axel Peterson lost his GoPro after launching off a cliff in the Big Sky Backcountry. The camera flew from his helmet upon impact from landing. Three years later, he finally had the time and weather to return to the zone and attempt to find the lost GoPro.

Fast forward three years and Axel was back in the area on a hiking mission to search for the GoPro. After scouring the scree field below the cliff for a good half hour, he was on the verge of giving up when he spotted the camera right by his foot! Even more amazingly, after over three years exposed to the harsh Montana winters and blazing summer sun, the camera was still intact and in good working order – complete with the footage of the cliff drop!

Despite the fact that the Hero 2 model has now been firmly rendered outdated by the several generations of camera released since, it just goes to show how tough GoPros are and the quality of footage even older models are capable of recording.