James Woods on how to become a world class slopestyle skier

He is the golden boy of the GB Freeski team, with X Games medals, World Cup titles and top five Olympic performances to his name. Here are Woodsy’s tips for emulating his slopestyle success

1. Remember your goals

Goals are really important and just setting yourself a couple will help you along your way to achieving them. Nothing is as important as remembering your motivation! Skiing is amazing and I’m always so grateful that it’s my job. However, there are some days you will not be stoked; it will be bitterly cold out, wind and rain hammering at your face, you won’t have any friends by your side to lift your spirits and you will have to throw your body off the side of a mountain. It’s then that the true test will begin. At times like these you need to truly remember why you care, what you want and who     you are.

2. Be prepared

There is nothing as stupid as not being prepared. You genuinely have the whole of your life to set yourself up for a session or an event. Have a list or something that you can follow each morning, bring a bag with spare bits and bobs, make sure your equipment is all correct and dialled in. Last but not least, emergency snacks are ESSENTIAL!

Woodsy in full flight | Nick Atkins

3. Practise!

You’ve got to be good, which means you have to practise. This sounds obvious, but practising and constantly living and breathing your activity is the only way you will get good enough. This can seem like the least ‘cool’ thing you can possibly do at the time, but when you’re standing on that X Games podium, we will all see what ‘cool’ really means! In the meantime, just carry on being yourself and doing your thing!

4. Family and friends

Surround yourself with good people – it’s not always possible, but when you can have direct contact with the people you love it helps put everything into perspective. You’ll find you can relax completely when you need to, yet focus properly when the time to perform comes as well.

5. Believe in yourself

Because no matter what, no one but you can get you across that finish line.

Woodsy is sponsored by Salomon