Jacob Wester hits the road trip jackpot during ‘Maydaze’ in Scandinavia

When spring hits, you can resign yourself to summer or head north in search of more snow. Jacob Wester and co chose the latter, and an epic road trip skiing and surfing high in the Arctic Circle

There’s no question that Jacob Wester is living the ski bum dream. Moving on from his successes on the competitive freestyle circuit and appearances in major ski films like Claim, he’s built himself the sort of nomadic lifestyle that’s  normally the preserve of daydreams and over-filtered Instagram profiles: winters skiing  in Chamonix, summers surfing in Bali, and #vanlife adventures in between.

In May 2016 Wester set off on one of the those van-based adventures, skipping the fast-melting Alps for an epic road trip high up in the Arctic Circle, skiing and surfing his way around Norway and Sweden.

Unfiltered Skiing | Maydaze

MAYDAZE There are places on this planet where the concept of time loses its relevance. Upon entering these sanctuaries, the outside world fades away, and our souls seem to find rest from all the noise, the harsh cacophony we have grown so accustomed to.

Reminiscing over the trip, Jacob said: “The life we get to live is pretty unique at times. In what other profession could someone take off for a month, without a plan, on a shaky, undefined budget, to a place he or she had never been to, only heard about, with no planned return date or outcome?

This past spring, Sofia (Sjoeberg) and I packed our lives into our camper van, joined up with Simon Ericson and Daniel Rönnbäck, and followed our compasses North. All we wanted to do was live where the ocean meets the mountains, explore a new world, and maybe catch a few glimpses of it on camera.

After a magical four weeks of skiing, surfing and camping we returned to reality with dizzy heads, a desperate need to wash our clothes, and a hard drive full of footage.”