ISPO 2017: Rossignol add new Seek 7 to the ever-popular 7 Series skis

Rossignol favour refinement over revolution for 17/18, but the updated 7 Series are sure to please! We caught up with them at ISPO to learn more

Rossi’s 7 series skis are some of our all time favourites, so we’re glad to see they’ve been updated without too radical a change! They may not the absolute lightest skis, and they’re not the hardest chargers  or stiffest crud-busters (though try telling Logan Pehota that!), but they are about the most fun and versatile skis around in our opinion, and pretty much fool-proof: you can give them to anyone, and just know they’ll have a good time out on the slopes.

For 2017/18 all the 7 skis get an upgraded ‘Airtip 2.0,’ a reinforced 3D structure that’s been fully integrated into the core construction of the ski, the idea being that the “new, very homogeneous one-piece construction [will] help concentrate power.” Rossignol designer Sébastien Genez says the idea was inspired by the structure of deep sea coral, building architecture, and automotive design – sounds intriguing, and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing how it works at the ski test in Kühtai in a couple of weeks!

Additionally, a new steed joins the Super 7, Soul 7 and Sky 7 in the herd, the all-new Seek 7. Coming in at 86mm underfoot at a really incredibly light 1250 grams per ski, it’s aimed firmly at the backcountry and ‘freetouring’ crowd. If it can bring all the fun of the Soul 7 without the extra grams, we can see this being a real winner next season.

From left to right, the Super 7, Soul 7, Sky 7 and all-new Seek 7

Not too much else has changed ski-wise from the French brand, with the mens Experience all mountain skis and Pursuit piste skis returning for another season with mainly graphics updates. Likewise for women, with the Temptation and Famous range.

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On the childrens’ skis front, Rossi have paired up with Disney and Star Wars to offer a whole package of skis, helmets, goggles, backpacks and various ‘back to school’ items. Dads in particular might be super jealous of their kid’s Star Wars skis, but Rossi assure us they haven’t completely ruled out offering a similarly themed adult ski!

Dads are going to be green with envy!