ISO Certification for Gripwalk Ski boot binding system

Ok so it may not be a gnarly 55 degree descent or the launch of a revolutionary new product that will transform you into the world’s best skier overnight BUT hold! For hidden within this rather techy legal gumf is news that Gripwalk boot sole tech which allows stiff alpine-style boots to have grippy soles, which makes not just freeriding easier and safer and walking to the bar a whole lot less slidey – is now officially the industry standard.

The tech has been around for over five years, but lack of official approval has meant that even though alpine bindings and Gripwalk soles were designed from the outset to work fine together, potential lawsuits prevented many bigger organisations buying deeply into Gripwalk-fitted ranges. 

International approval for this compatibility comes from (in the case of skiing and many other activities) getting accreditation from the International Organisation for Standardisation, or ISO. It’s an organisation which is clearly geared up to agreeing standards, hence this particular one being number 23223.

In case you were wondering, ISO number 1 is the reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification, which is 20 degrees C. 

“There are only a few standards within the ski industry. But uniform systems and joint developments such as GRIPWALK® can ensure that safety and comfort improve across manufacturers. That is how we are optimising collaboration, further developing the range of equipment offered by the outfitters and enhancing the attractiveness of skiing through increased comfort,” says Jonathan Wiant, President of the Marker, Dalbello and Völkl brands.

There are over 20 boot and binding companies manufacturing Gripwalk-compatible products which covers most of the market, so no more excuses for falling off that table in Austria.


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