Eight of the best ski segments

The Fall-Line team have picked their favourite ski clips of recent years, covering everything from big-budget ski movies, to raw POV footage. Be warned: all of these clips will leave you craving snow. Hard.

1. Afterglow: Lightsuit Segment, 2014

Pep Fujas, Eric Hjorleifson, Daron Rahlves and Chris Benchetler star in this trippy ski film, which sees them donning custom-made LED suits and floating down dreamy Alaskan spines to the perfect soundtrack. Nominated by Mary, digital editor.

2. Days of My Youth: Cody Townsend’s Epic Chute Line, 2014

Less of a segment, more 1 minute 38 seconds of edge-of-the-seat disbelief as Cody Townsend shoots down a seemingly unskiable crack in Alaska Tordrillos Mountain Range. Filmed for Matchstick Productions’ Days of my Youth, the clip earned Cody three Powder Awards, and more or less broke the internet. Nominated by Will, writer at large.

3. Valhalla: Naked Skiing and Snowboarding segment, 2013

Three minutes of full frontal nudity that left us wondering how the cast avoided getting frostbite on their nether regions. Watch it: it’s hilarious and celebrates the untamed, wild, fun-ness of skiing. Nominated by Nicola, editor.

4. Idea: Opening ski sequence

This early offering from Eric Pollard and his Nimbus Independent crew blew everyone away when it was released. We especially love the opening ski scene, featuring mellow tree skiing set to the perfect soundtrack. Here’s the video in full, or just head 4 mins 30 seconds in for our favourite bit. Nominated by Nicola, editor.

5. Candide Thovex: One of those days, 2013

The POV vid to end all POV vids. Candide Thovex takes a spin around his home resort and has just about the most fun anyone has had on skis. A sequel, One of those days 2, was released in 2015, but we reckon the original is still best. Nominated by Mary, digital editor.

6. Freeride World Tour: Sam Smoothy’s run at Vallnord-Arcaclis, 2015

Sam Smoothy’s mountain goat-like winning line at the Vallnord stop to the 2015 Freeride World Tour proved that you don’t need perfect powder, a mega production crew or dozens of takes to earn ski internet fame, just a whole lot of guts. Nominated by Will, writer at large.

7. Valhalla: The Forest, 2013

Yes, we know it’s the second appearance from Valhalla on this list, but how could we resist adding this crazy/brilliant forest scene. We can just imagine the looks when Sweetgrass tried to first sell the idea: Inspired by the snow-covered Chilean rainforests, we’re heading deep into the woods… at Mt Baker… for weeks! Anyone fancy it? Each take will probably be five days with lots of carpentry and snow lugging and injuries… in July! Nominated by Jonny, editor at large. 

8. All.I.Can: JP Auclair Street Segment, 2012

One of the most-watched action sports clips of all time, the segment sees the late, great JP Auclair get up to urban trickery in the BC towns of Trail, Rossland, and Nelson. It seamlessly combines stunning cinematography with some of the slickest riding. Ever. Nominated by everyone.

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.