At Fall-Line we enjoy supporting up and coming businesses, and here’s a fine example – X-Life.

Started by Bruce Thompson, X-Life runs three month ski fitness programs specifically to get you ready for action.

We’ve all had those holidays where we feel that our lack of fitness has limited our enjoyment.  Hands up if you’ve hobbled to breakfast on day 2 wondering if your legs will actually be able to get you to the slopes! Bruce is here to help!

Bruce is offering you lucky folks a free two week trial of the program.

We love that Bruce isn’t just a personal trainer jumping on the ski bandwagon.

He’s a highly qualified and very experienced backcountry skier, ski trainer, race coach and instructor – aka definitely fit for purpose!

Bruce Thompson

Claim your two week trial of the program here:

X = Ski-Fit is:

  • 3 ‘month’ / 15 week ski & snowboarding fitness program consisting of 6 x 15 minute videos per week
  • Easy to follow, ski-specific body weight HIIT sessions
  • Suitable for ALL levels of fitness
  • Low impact modifications for every exercise meaning you can go as easy or hard as you feel
  • Brand new sessions every month
  • Built in motivational challenges
  • Delivered via smartphone app or website login
  • Workout calendar and nutrition ideas to help keep you on track
  • Even integrate your fitness devices and track your stats!

Here’s more about Bruce and his business –

FL: Why did you start X-Life?

BT: I vividly remember one morning (as a newly qualified instructor) being so stiff and sore that I couldn’t sit on the loo without gasping in pain at my sore glutes and quads, as well as struggling to walk down the stairs to breakfast! 

Since then, I’ve completed many ski training courses and led countless ski lessons in which I’ve witnessed (time and time again) people’s ability being limited by their fitness. I’ve also seen, and spoken with, lots of people who’ve suffered unnecessary injuries as a result of their strength and endurance not being what it could or should be and realised that if people invest so much on their alpine passions, then why not maximise their experiences by being a little fitter? 

Is it any wonder that when otherwise sedentary people throw themselves down a snow covered mountain, that their bodies complain and God-forbid, can’t cope?

The curve is exponential – choose where YOU want to be on it; you don’t need to be in top, Olympic shape to enjoy a stiffness and injury free holiday, but you do need to do some kind of preparation in order to not be gambling with a twisted knee or dislocated shoulder!

It doesn’t just stop on the mountain either – imagine the countless unnecessary missed days at work, following a ski injury and the upheaval of having to find an alternative solution to get the kids to school etc etc…

I want to help as many of my likeminded mountain lovers to enjoy a pain, soreness and injury-free experience as I can…as well as helping them to reach that next level of ability by having the fitness to break that frustrating intermediate plateau!

FL: What makes X-Life different & why should Fall Line readers buy your program?

BT: I’m not simply a Physio or a PT with a passion for mountain sports.

I’m a highly qualified and highly experienced backcountry skier, Ski Trainer, Race Coach and Instructor AS WELL AS a Master Personal Trainer & Exercise Specialist, Motivation & Nutrition Coach, with a huge passion for, knowledge and experience in teaching, training and helping improve people’s lives.

X = Ski-Fit is ski-specific training designed and delivered by me, with well over 40 years of mountain experience. I’ve trained hundreds of skiers both in ski and fitness and I follow my own programs…and they work!

Currently in my late 40’s, in summer, in addition to enjoying lots of other active pursuits, I’m a sponsored kitesurfer, so fitness is clearly a huge part of my life. Being in shape allows me to perform all my sports to the highest level, often going harder and longer than people half my age! 

FL: What is the dream for X = Ski-Fit?

BT: Simply put; to help as many skiers and snowboarders to enjoy pain and injury free mountain experiences, well into their 60’s and beyond.

I’d love to have my program endorsed by the likes of the Ski Club of GB, as well as forward thinking snowsports insurance companies offering my services as member benefits or as a way to keep their costs low…

I’d also love for X = Ski-Fit to be taken up by and/or recommended by snowsports schools and training providers as an option for pre-season prep.

Click here for access to the free trial of X = Ski-Fit