Nordica Enforcer 94

Suitable for: MALE
Editors’ Choice

Following on from the hugely successful Enforcer 104 (a 2020 Freeride Ski of the Year) comes the all-new Nordica Enforcer 94.

A hard act to follow, do you think? Not at all we tell you.

This user-friendly, revised Nordica Enforcer 94 has become even more fun all over the hill with a more usable waist width of 94mm.

Dickie says: “Revised, softened and now the pokey, potent Enforcer gets semi-cuddly gaining nimbleness and pivotability without giving up much hoonishness”.

So, how does it do it? The carbon-reinforced chassis not only reduces weight but increases the skis strength and stability. Couple this with ‘True Tip Technology’, which trims heavy ABS plastic away from the extremities of the ski, replacing it with a lightweight wood core in these area, and you have a playful and nimble ski that still retains that classic powerful and stable Nordica Enforcer feel.

Lee loved both the new Enforcer 100 and 94, but the 94 pipped it for him due to its versatility – “this is the one to go for if you’re looking for a more ‘real world’ freeride ski that really can ski everywhere.”

With a softer tip flex than its bigger bro, the Enforcer 94 is a more progressive turn initiator and gives back heaps when it comes to grip – as we found out while ripping down the ‘slalom run’ at Glenshee.


“This new Enforcer brings a six-pack full of fruity fun to the powder party” says Dickie. Worth a shot then…

Nordica Enforcer 94
165, 172, 179, 186, 191
17.1m @ 179
Weight per ski
2015g @ 179

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