Black Diamond JetForce Pro 25L

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Weighing in at 3100g (M/L), the Black Diamond JetForce Pro 25L is the ‘Tesla’ of avalanche airbags – a 200-litre modular airbag that uses electronic technology so it’s easy to recharge and travel with.

It also means you can deploy it as many times as you want, which helps build muscle memory and instinctive reactions in an emergency situation.

Bluetooth connectivity enables you to run software updates and perform both mechanical and electronic diagnostics at home in your chalet via the Pieps app.

On the hill, it’s light and low-profile and comes with pro level features, including the tuck away diagonal ski carry system, ice axe attachment point, HiLo helmet holder and retractable leg-loop strap.

Need more capacity to feel the Force? Size up to the 35L version.


The ‘Tesla’ of avalanche airbags.

Black Diamond
Black Diamond JetForce Pro 25L

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