Faction Prodigy

Faction Prodigy 1.0xRRP: £429

Lengths: 152, 158, 164, 170, 176

Turn radius: 12m @164

Dimensions: 120-90-112

Weight per pair (without bindings): 3080g

More Info: Faction

TESTED BY by Amy Marwick

I loved boosting around the entire mountain on these. The FACTION Prodigy was the ski used by Sarah Hoefflin and Mathilde Gremaud, who took Gold and Silver respectively at the Olympics Slopestyle. Of course they are designed for the park, but pinging about the resort on these pocket rockets will have you grinning to the moon and back.


FACTION Prodigy 1.0x
18/19 SOTY: FACTION Prodigy 1.0x


Popping off lumps and bumps, darting through narrow gaps and sailing through the air with perfect balance, the Prodigy 1.0x sets you up for a playful day in the park and make equally trusty allies for all terrain trickery.

Boycotting the usual park style symmetrical construction the Prodigy 1.0x employs a traditional directional shape that, along with its 3mm camber underfoot, maintains downhill performance and makes riding the whole mountain super fun.

A progressive rocker on the tip and tail keeps things surfy in heavier conditions and allows you to blend carves effortlessly into butters.

The skis have extra thick edges that should withstand repetitive use on boxes, rails and ledges and are built with a solely poplar wood core for a flexible and poppy performance with phenomenal vibration absorption capabilities, making landings all the more stompable.

Not to mention the beautifully designed cat-woman-esque top sheet reminding you that once aboard, stay feisty!