The Faction Collective take some brutal slams in this glorious crash edit

Most ski videos show the pros at their very best, flawlessly nailing big lines and stylish tricks. Sometimes we need reminding that it doesn’t always go to plan

The Faction Collective are one of the most stylish ski crews out there, constantly putting out banger edits for us to enjoy vicariously from the safety off our armchairs. However the old adage rings true even for them: sometimes it works but sometimes it hurts!

Let this be a lesson to anyone who dreams of becoming a pro skier – it’s not all glamour and free heliskiing!

We Are The Faction Collective: #S03 Crash Edit

No guts, no glory. For every banger shot you gotta take a lot of hits. Here’s the best of the worst blood, sweat, and face plants that went into Season 3 of “We Are The Faction Collective”.

This glorious carnage edit shows the best/worst of the blood sweat and tears from the third season of their webisode series ‘We Are The Faction Collective,’ filmed in Switzerland, the US and South America. Pro skiing isn’t easy on the body, and some seriously brutal slams are inevitable when you’re pushing the limits. At least unless you’re Candide Thovex, conspicuous by his absence, who can’t seem to put a pole plant wrong these days!