Editor’s letter, issue 126

“He’ll be born with two skis on his feet!” That’s what we keep hearing.

“You’re darn tootin’ he’ll have skis on!” is my husband Chrigl’s response, as if there is no alternative. And there isn’t really. We will share the joy of skiing with our son as sure as the sun rises. (Poor little blighter has no idea how preplanned this part of his life is – God help him if he’s more into chess or curling or something.)

So, without wishing to bore you with any more baby chat, yes, that is the bones of it: we’re having a baby. Actually, by the time you read this, that’ll be ‘had’. 

So, where does this leave you lot? Well, pretty much right where you are, because to cover my time off this winter we were able to bag a heck of a replacement – long-time writer for Fall-Line, qualified ski instructor, blogger and general ski-empress, Yolanda Carslaw.

Yolanda was barely out of nappies herself when she first put on a pair of skis, and she and I have shared more than a few conversations about favourite ski day memories, wish-list destinations and backcountry forays… along with some bone-dry gear banter. I can assure you – Yolanda is as passionate/obsessed about skiing as the rest of us here at Fall-Line. 

So I wish you all a year full of mind-expanding moments: trips to new places, rediscovering old ones, fun and challenging descents, taking those shiny new skis for their first powder run… and, as ever, the Fall-Line team will do their best to inspire you and accompany you on those adventures.

Who knows, you may even see me up on the hill – if I can get Chrigl to babysit on a powder day that is…

À très bientôt!