Is the world ready for Raposo’s new role?

British ski racer Charlie Raposo smiles, arm around ex Norwegian racer Braathen, standing on snow wearing beanies

On Thursday 2 May, Britain’s best Giant Slalom racer in over half a century, Charlie Raposo, announced his retirement from competitive ski racing. Despite the 28-year-old rupturing his ACL in Aspen in March, the news came as a surprise to British Snowsport and ski racing fans.

Just days later, Raposo announced via social media that he will be teaming up with his great friend and retired Norwegian ski racer Lucas Pinheiro Braathen.

Previously skiing for Norway, Braathen left the sport in October after a fallout with the Norwegian Ski Federation, allegedly regarding image rights. But at the start of March this year, Braathen announced his return to the sport under the Brazilian flag ( – his mother hails from Brazil).

Raposo racing

Raposo scored a World Cup and World Championship personal best of 17th in Kranjska Gora in 2022 and Courchevel-Meribel in 2023, respectively. Often Raposo has been the only British Giant Slalom representative during his 46 World Cup starts. And now, following what’s proven to be a career-ending injury for Raposo, comes the news of Raposo’s new venture, taking on the role of Braathen’s manager.

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Raposo’s new media role is a rare one for a British world-class racer to take on, but nonetheless a role that’d be hard for anyone to turn down.

Raposo’s social media post reads: “I’m super excited to announce the first order of business after my retirement. Manager & Co-Creative Director to Lucas Pinheiro Braathen.”

He ends the post by stating: “This is just the start, and there are so many exciting things to come very, very soon. I hope you’ll all enjoy this journey as much as the last. I have a funny feeling it’s going to be just as exciting.”

Speaking to Raposo following his retirement announcement, he hinted to Fall Line about a “very exciting opportunity to pursue in [his] future,” stating that he “always wanted a career after his athletic one.”

Raposo’s retirement post:

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He also stated that there were “a lot of other underlying factors” that participated in his decision to retire and that he “looks back on [his] career with nothing but fond memories.”

Raposo’s new role will certainly keep him firmly grounded within the sport and how better to be doing so than involved with one of the world’s most followed and liked racers?

Raposo joining Team Braathen has created even more hype around news of Braathen’s return to racing. The ski world awaits more news and the coming race season with baited breath, following the stories of two great ski personalities.

Braathen and Raposo during their Norwegian and British racing days