Brit ‘Ski the Kingdom’ crew take it to the mountain in Obergurgl

Known for getting rowdy, the Ski the Kingdom boys travel to Obergurgl and proceed to flip and spin their way around the epic Ötztal backcountry

Last year new British crew ‘Ski the Kingdom’ brought out their first film, celebrating everything that’s great about the UK dryslope skiing culture and the many great UK skiers throwing down.

However with Freeride World Tour aspirations there’s ultimately no replacement for solid time on the mountain too, so in their latest video the guys head out to the Austrian resort of Obergurgl. With perfect timing, their trip coincided with a solid storm and some of the best snow conditions all season.

Ski The Kingdom zu Gast in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

Ski The Kingdom im Diamant der Alpen In ihrer Heimat UK, bereiten sich die Freerider aufs powdern und freeriden auf Plastikskimatten vor. In Obergurgl-Hochgurgl haben sie heuer perfekte Bedingungen für ihr Training vorgefunden. Die Jungs haben nämlich große Ambitionen und möchten Teil der Freeride World Tour werden.

Talking about Obergurgl, the team commented:

“We chose Obergurgl for several reasons, being such a high resort we knew it would have good snow (especially later in the season when we were visiting). We knew it had a great reputation for powder as well as lots of potential with easily accessible free-riding terrain.As we drove up through the picturesque Oetztal valley we couldn’t believe our luck! The snow was coming down heavy and we arrived in Obergurgl late that evening and were very soon in bed, resting up ready to make the most of the next day!