Black Diamond Jetforce Airbag, Gold Award Winner

The radical design for this airbag came about when one of Black Diamond’s designers decided to attach a leaf-and-lawn trash bag to a desktop computer fan to see how fast it would fill. It filled fast, and voila, the concept for the JetForce was born

Available in 11L, 28L and 40L packs, the JetForce is the first Avalanche Airbag Technology to use jet-fan inflation, which draws air from an unlimited source – the atmosphere. The battery-powered jet-fan inflates a 200L airbag
in 3.5 seconds, followed by tear recovery bursts.
The airbag automatically deflates after three minutes to create a potential air pocket. 

What really makes it stand out is that it is capable of multiple deployments (four per charge). Here’s a real situation: one of our number messed up a couloir and set off a slow slide. Wearing a one-shot pack, he held back figuring it wasn’t going anywhere. As it happened, it wasn’t. With a multi-use system, he’d have pulled. 

Oh, it’s air-travel friendly, too.