Best avalanche airbags of 2024

Are you in the market for an avalanche airbag?

First up, read our gear editor’s buyer’s guide to choosing an avy pack:

Now dive in to our top picks – the best avalanche airbags of 2024:

avalanche airbag (product image)
BCA Float E2-35L

1. BCA Float E2-35L

The 2,792g Float E2 35 comes with the fully electronic Alpride E2 system, one of the lightest systems on the market, powered by a super capacitor system. This Back to the Future-sounding tech not only makes travel a backcountry breeze, it’s more reliable in cold temperatures as super capacitors store and release energy based on a chemical reaction.

Super tech aside, the pack itself comes with 35 litres of usable volume, a height-adjustable trigger, dedicated avy tools pocket, A-frame or diagonal ski/snowboard carry, an insulated hydration sleeve and leg safety strap. Oh, and it’s BCA Link Radio-compatible.

avalanche airbag (product image)
Black Diamond Pieps Jet Force BT pack 35L

2. Black Diamond Jet Force Pro 25L

Weighing in at 2,970g in the largest M/L size, this modular airbag uses electronic technology(a battery-powered jet-fan), so it’s easy to recharge and travel with. It also means you can deploy it as many times as you want, which helps build instinctive reactions for an emergency situation. In testing, we fully deployed it over 20 times, at room temperature, on one charge – amazing. Bluetooth connectivity enables you to run software updates and performance diagnostics via the Pieps app.

The pack is pretty light and comes with pro-level features, including the tuck-away diagonal ski-carry system, ice axe attachment point, Hi Lo helmet holder and retractable leg-loop strap. It’s also modular so you can purchase a booster pack and size it up to 35L, or go for the splitboard option.

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Deuter Alproof 30

3. Deuter Alproof Lite 30 SL

Designed for women or those with shorter back lengths, the PFC-free 2,660g Alproof pairs Deuter’s pack expertise with the Alpride E2 electrical airbag system. The Alproof 30 SL (short length) comes with all the benefits of super capacitor tech. This is easy to travel with, not sensitive to lower temperatures, lighter than traditional batteries, rapidly rechargeable, high-pressure fast inflation, LED charge status and so on. It has a load of features for an easy time on the hill, including a clamshell main compartment opening, diagonal ski carry, ice axe attachment, ice-screw clipper slot, sternum strap with whistle and avy tools slots.

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Mammut Tour 40

4. Mammut Pro 45 Removable Airbag 3.0

This 45-litre pack uses Mammut’s lightweight 3.0 compressed gas canister system (sold separately), ideal if you’re concerned about battery life in extreme environments. Light, yet durable and comfortable, it weighs just 2,635g with the airbag and carbon cartridge, and comes with a three-second inflation time, diagonal ski carry, snowboard and splitboard mountings, radio pocket and is hydration system compatible.

The Removable Airbag System 3.0, with carbon cartridge, costs £420, so you need to factor the cost in, if you don’t already have that system.

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Ortovox Avabag Litric Tour 30

5. Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC Tour 30

Designed in partnership with Arc’teryx, and weighing 2,410g, the LiTRIC Tour 30 pack offers a genuinely tourable airbag option. The lithium-ion battery and super capacitor system can be fully charged, via USB-C, in around 25 minutes, allowing you to easily do many practise deployments. Fully charged, it’s designed to deploy twice, and the power lasts for 60 hours of use, easily catering for multi-day tours (you obviously turn it off when at the hut). With Ortovox at the wheel you can be assured the pack has all the necessary touring features possible, and the super-versatile base unit is compatible with all of Ortovox’s Avabag LiTRIC Freeride and Tour packs.

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Osprey Sopris Pro Avy Airbag Pack 30

6. Osprey Sopris Pro 30

The women’s-specific Sopris Pro 30 uses the USB-C rechargeable Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag system with super capacitor technology. This pack comes with all the superb freeride and touring features of the stellar Sopris 30, featured in our backpacks section, with the addition of airbag tech. The airbag sits close to the back system, so the main compartment zip allows sideways opening for full access to your kit. It uses Bluesign-approved recycled materials and our test pack only weighed 2,924g, including the two AA batteries used for on-the-hill top-ups. The gender-specific geometry means it’s actually built for backcountry femmes. We love it.

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Poc Dimension Avalanche Backpack

7. POC Dimension Avalanche

Available in orange or black, this is another pack using Alpride’s excellent E2 system. The 25L Dimension Avalanche is POC’s first avy airbag. It may not be the lightest, but it’s definitely one of the most stylish, with an understated aesthetic that belies its meticulous construction. In addition to the latest in airbag tech, it also comes with other top safety features, including embedded Recco tech and a medical ID NFC twICEme chip, which stores vital medical data for rescue services to access in the case of an emergency.

avalanche airbag (product image)
Scott Ultralight Alpride pack

8. Scott Patrol Ultralight E2 25 Kit Pack

At under 2kg (1,920g including the Alpride E2 airbag system) this is the lightest avalanche airbag we know of, and it has plenty of storage thanks to the 25-litre volume. If you already own the Scott Alpride E2 system, you can simply fit yours into the Ultralight bag, available for £410. This whole package is crazy light, with all the safety and convenience of the E2 super capacitor airbag tech.

The pack body is made of tough Dyneema, plus you can carry skis diagonally and organise avy kit in the dedicated pockets. The outline is kept clean with stowable helmet fixation and ice-axe/pole loops, and webbing retainers stop you being slapped when it’s windy. This is an incredible pack for saving energy on the up, for a sweet, safe shred back down.