At Fall-Line we love supporting home-grown independent businesses and The Fallow Year certainly meets that criteria.  This business is one of a kind – it will last for just one year! Remembering the season that never was, The Fallow Year sells clothing and accessories with quirky designs looking back at the 2020/21 season.

They will shut up shop at the end of the 2021/22 season in celebration of what we all hope will see the ski industry back on its feet. So shop now before it’s too late to get your hands on some memorabilia for a season that shook the industry.

The designs will be available for this season only, and Fall Line readers can get 15% off with discount code FALLLINE15.

We spoke to Gabriel Parker about The Fallow Year:

What is The Fallow Year?

A clothing brand making a light hearted take on the 2020/21 season that shook the ski industry. 6 designs that encapsulate the sentiment across the world last season, whether resorts were “Fermé/Closed/Gesperrt/Chiuso” in France, Italy and Germany, “The Snow Goes On” in North America or “The Swiss Looked The Other Way”. All in all, it’s probably fair to say, lots of us were left pretty “Piste Off.” 

Why did you start the brand?

I moved to the French Alps to start one business and like many people through the pandemic, had to adapt and start another and luckily with that, The Fallow Year was born. The process has been very rewarding and the response so far has been great. Hopefully it proves a nice bit a memorabilia of a truly unique season (hopefully)!

What makes your products different?

The design, a quirky concept, kept simple. All designs are as minimal as possible yet make a statement and capture a moment in time wherever you were in the world.

Why should Fall Line readers buy your products?

Whether you missed your yearly pilgrimage to the mountains last year or usually live and work in the mountains, there was no doubt a mountain shaped hole in your life. The Fallow Year designs intend to fill that mountain shaped hole and give you a small memento that you can wear with pride on the mountain.

What is the dream for The Fallow Year?

The dream is that come May, we have seen and completed a successful season back on the mountain, the ski industry is back on its feet and the concept of The Fallow Year is null and void.

Hopefully at that point we can pivot and start looking at things in a slightly more optimistic light.