APHEX goggles up for grabs

four sets of goggles with different coloured lenses

Subscribers – this one’s just for you! A chance to win a pair of APHEX goggles, in celebration of the new issue of Fall Line magazine dropping through your letterbox (or into your inbox).

A pair of goggles to last a lifetime – that’s the concept, with a fully customisable goggle that allows you to choose your frame, lens and strap with dozens of combos. Just take a look at the strap selection…

With an RRP of between £119.95 – £139.95 you get a lot in a little APHEX box:

• Choose a frame and Primary Lens Cat.2 or Cat.3
• Plus a strap (interchangeable with RSS system)
• Then a lowlight Yellow Lens Cat. S1
• Thrown in is an added pouch for the spare lens + a microfibre goggle bag + protector
• And the magnetic gift box itself

Enter the competition below, then head to Wipeout Store to mock up your ideal set of goggles in anticipation…

And if you you’re not a subscriber and want to enter, there’s only one thing for it… Subscribe to the magazine – £10 digital / £25 print – and you’ll get this winter’s issues of Fall Line sent direct to you, plus a few free gifts (and you can enter into the APHEX goggle draw).

Congratulations to Craig Martin from Aberdeenshire, the winner of the November goggle competition.