All hail the 17-year-old who created his own trick

Teenage freeskier Callum Welch went looking for a new trick… and found one!

Callum Welch, mid spin | David Allen Snowsports Photography
Callum Welch, mid spin | David Allen Snowsports Photography

Watching people land ‘first-time’ spins – like the latest trick from UK snowboarder Billy Morgan and his epic quad cork 1800 – it can be easy to think that this the goal of freestyle skiing: to spin faster, jump higher.

This is a reminder not to forget that skiing’s real strength is its outlet for creativity. We can get so caught up in emulating our heroes or striving to achieve what has been done before, we forget that only we are the masters of our destiny. That each one of us has our own style and tricks.

So, perhaps, rather than trying to look like the guys in the movies, try coming up with your own trick, like Callum Welch. Here’s a 17-year-old dude from Hemel Hempstead who went looking for a new trick and found one. A Flatspin 180, or so it was named when it recently did the rounds on social media.

Here it is in all it’s new-found glory:

Get out there and create something your own way. And give it a cool name! We reckon Flatspin 180 is a bit clinical. How about a Sausage Roll or a Russian Ferris Wheel?