4 new ski innovations that walk the line between crazy and genius

From skis that never need waxing to soft but high-performance ski boots, here’s four innovations that have got us stumped

We get a lot of new ski gear sent our way; some are instant hits, some we’re not too sure about. Some are downright crazy, some are 100% genius… and then there’s a few that are somewhere in between.

Here’s our pick of this season’s favourites. And to all those innovators out there, please keep them coming – however crazy it may seem. Without you we wouldn’t have rocker, double-lens goggles, Gore-Tex and who knows what else…

No-wax skis from Melt


New ski company Melt have brought out a range of skis that never need waxing. Read about them here.

Where pin and alpine bindings meet

A first glance at the Pinding
A first glance at the Pinding

Pinding, a new touring binding from B.A.M. uses a pin binding for the ascent and a standard alpine binding for the way down. Here’s our verdict.

Soft boots for hard skiers


The comfort of snowboard boots meets the power and control of ski boots, but does it work? We ask a ski boot expert.

Whip ’em off long johns

These long johns can be whipped off in seconds, making them handy for tourers on the go. Read our review here.