The Skiing Gear Bible is Back!

You asked for it and we listened: we’re so excited to announce the return of our bumper Gear Guide issue!

No one wants to waste their precious hard-earned ski time due to faulty gear. Kit might be a small part in the price equation of a ski holiday, but it has a disproportionate effect on your enjoyment: nothing ruins a ski trip worse than painful boots and the wrong skis.

Instead, set yourself up for success with our bumper gear guide issue. A whopping 164 pages featuring 108 of the hottest skis, 90 boots and 122 bits of outerwear, it brings all the information you need to make informed equipment purchases together in one convenient tome – often dubbed the Ski Geek’s Bible.

With everything you need to know about the best new gear and equipment trends this season, it’s not to be missed if you want to make the most of your time on the slopes this winter.

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