Ski of the year 2015/16: The runner-up

The very entertaining Atomic Vantage 95 is hot on the heels of the Blizzard Bonafide, and worth considering if you’re after a solid all-mountain/freeride ski

The Atomic Vantage 95 leads an impressive line-up of Atomic skis | Callum Jelley

The Atomic Vantage 95 leads an impressive line-up of Atomic skis | Callum Jelley

Atomic have the useful ability of topping our charts on a regular basis, and their replacement range for the Theory and Alibi would need to be good to keep up the trend.

To keep the faithful the Vantage name stays, now just with width numbers to define the difference. After a proper head-scratch, we’ve opted for the non-Titanal reinforced 95 as the best balance of feedback and grip. This is one hugely entertaining all-mountain-cum-freeride ski; exactly what we’re coming to expect from Atomic.

Read the full review in the Fall-Line Gear Guide, out now.

Atomic Vantage

The Atomic Vantage in action | MICKEY ROSS


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