Chasing Powder

Two weeks in a motorhome, searching for fresh snow and good times.

In March 2014 the snow conditions in most parts of the alps were far from perfect. So the crew consisting of Jochen Mesle, Max Kroneck, Julian Zenzmaier, El Flamingo Films and photographer Rasmus Kaessmann decided to hit the road. The search for fresh snow brought them south, where they spent most of the time cruising around the Italian Dolomites.

Chasing Powder tells the story of living in a motorhome for two weeks, camping next to the road, exploring the backcountry, building jumps, hucking cliffs and enjoying pure freedom! “14 days of skiing have never been more fun”, Jochen points out after the final day of the trip.

Hit the play button and join the boys for 9 minutes of roadtripping…


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