Travel to Alaska with the ultimate ski job

Freeskier Matilda Rapaport is looking for an assistant to travel to Alaska for the Freeride World Tour and hold her skis (for about five seconds)

Peak Performance are offering what might just be the best job we’ve ever seen. We say job, but we actually mean holding Matilda Rapaport’s skis for five seconds in exchange for a week in one of the world’s raddest ski destinations.

Matilda searches for her next assistant...

Matilda searches for her next assistant…

Along with a friend, the winner will travel to Haines, Alaska, for the Freeride World Tour (between 17 and 25 March 2016) to help Matilda with her skis before she starts her run. That’s it. And, best of all, part of the week long trip will include heliskiing. Not a bad way to get paid…

How do you enter? Simple: post a picture or video of yourself on Instagram and describe why you should get the job, using #radicaljob and @peakperformance when you post. “Applications” end 31 January and the five best applicants will be called for an interview.

And who is Matilda’s ideal assistant?  “I am looking for an outgoing person who loves to ski and travel. I need help with my skis before starting at the top of the mountain. This is a small but important part in my preparation for a race,” she says.


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