Black Crows Atris ski, Gold Award Winner

SOTY 2014-15_goldblackcrowsIt’s the choice ski from Fall-Line’s Ski Brand of the Year, so the Black Crows Atris had better be good. And it is. 

A fully-featured freerider, it’s classed as an expert ski and we reckon you need to be competent and happy to wind up the mach-meter to really enjoy the Atris. 

Rocker at both ends, which are also thinned for reduced tip weight, means this ski has maneuverability beyond its spec. But there’s potent camber underfoot, which is where the power comes from. So open the taps, feel the high-spec base detach snow as the speed rises and soak up a feedback-laden ride. 

The poplar core and semi-cap construction make for a light ski, so you need to be responsive to stay on track without overloading the Atris with over-compensatory input. That flicker-fast response is your friend when it comes to trees, scooting down a varied face or simply laying a varying radius line for the hell of it. 

A 138mm tip, 128mm tail and 108 underfoot means there’s lift enough for anyone to ride the deepest powder, but relatively light weight also sets this up as a perfect day touring rig. 

We’d happily ride an Atris every day with the proviso that truly hard snow will be a bit rattly and less directional. It’s worth the trade.

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