I admit I was a skeptic when I first heard about the Ski Mojo. A ski brace that reduced the pressure on your knees by 33% AND improves your ski posture? It sounded way too good to be true…

With my history of knee operations and osteoarthritis in my left knee, I was more than keen to find out whether the Ski Mojo would work for me. Turns out it really does!

Once the initial setting up is done it’s really easy to use – simply step into the harness, do up the velcro attachments on your calf and thighs, clip it to an attachment on your ski boot, and you’re ready to go.

There’s a switch just above your knee that’s easy to operate even when wearing ski gloves. You switch it on for skiing then off when you are stopping for a coffee, lunch or on chairlifts. If you forget, it does cause some entertainment for the people on your chairlift as it’s difficult to bend your legs!

I skied on piste, off piste, in deep powder and through bumps and it really does work. The shock absorbing springs take away the chatter on hard pack, absorb weight and definitely reduce pain in my knee.

It doesn’t work miracles though and I still experienced swelling in my knee after a couple of hard days skiing. The difference this time was that I could go back out again the next day. Plus I could ski for longer without pain.

A massive side-bonus of this is that it has given me back my confidence. I now feel that I can ski at the level I was used to before the knee problems started. And it wasn’t just me that noticed this – a couple of experienced friends I have skied with this year have also observed and commented on the improvement.

I did ski a few runs in pain and was a bit frustrated about this, only to discover that I hadn’t actually turned it back on after lunch. It’s amazing how marked the difference actually is – I cannot recommend it enough.


RRP: £498

VERDICT: If you have knee issues or are struggling for full fitness, then definitely give the Ski Mojo a try.


Specially developed using medical insights Ski Mojo is a device that uses spring recoil technology to take up to a third of the strain off the legs and knees by providing kinetic energy to assist leg extension. Ski~Mojo supplements the power of the leg muscles, this in turn reduces impact, substantially delays muscle fatigue and alleviates leg and knee pain.
Since its launch in 2007 the Ski Mojo has been developed and honed into the latest version. The Ski~Mojo works like an exoskeleton for the legs consisting of a lightweight comfortable harness with neoprene knee supports containing powerful springs. Worn under ski pants the Ski Mojo is so neat and discreet that no-one would know it is being worn, which is why some skiers don’t reveal their secret weapon.

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