Few people love the mountains more than Phil Gordon, Snow+Rock’s long-serving ski hardware buyer. He lives for fresh powder, which means protecting the snow from environmental impact is a priority, alongside seeking out the best kit in the business.

Let’s face it: we’ve all dreamt of living in the mountains and at this time of year, it’s nothing less than irresistible. But having the mountains on your doorstep isn’t all about waking up to breathtaking views and hitting the slopes whenever you like. It’s also about sustainability. The experts at Snow+Rock know that if we make a habit of heading to the mountains, we need to give something back. We hear from Phil on how small decisions can make a big impact.

“It’s hard to ignore the fact that an annual ski holiday isn’t the most eco-friendly of getaways. The flights, the lifts and the gas-guzzling piste bashers don’t have the best carbon footprint, but there are ways to keep our favourite playground and preserve the majesty of the natural world without sacrificing precious time in the mountains.”


We want our customers to make the most of the mountains; that means having the right gear that doesn’t just look great but is fit for purpose and stands up to it all.

Although we never compromise on safety – having the most up-to-date gear will keep you safer out there – investing in quality gear that offers timeless style and exceptional performance is a sure-fire way to help it go the distance.


Getting your gear fitted by experts isn’t just a chance for us to show off (although we’ll take every chance we get); it’s about finding the right gear for you. Our in-store experts know their stuff and strive for nothing less than perfection when it comes to fit, performance and style.

If you feel good, look good and perform your best out there, you’ll worry less about what you’re wearing and spend more time breathing fresh air and carving fresh lines.

And if the perfect fit means you’ll use your gear for longer, that’s a win for you and the planet.


This one’s a no-brainer: look after your gear – particularly hardware – and it’ll keep you shredding for longer, plus avoid needless replacements that cost you and the environment. We offer specialist servicing in-store to keep your edges sharp and your bases waxed so you never have to compromise out there.


Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of a two-week break or your pick of resorts. But if sustainability is the name of the game, take a fresh look at your next trip to see how you can make a difference.

Check out the carbon footprint comparison of flying, driving or taking the train.

Research which resorts are using renewable energy to power their lifts or better still, earn your turns and tour your way to the top instead.


At this indulgent time of year, all this can seem a bit (dare we say it?) hypocritical.

But if you can invest in gear created with the environment in mind, you’ll not only look good but feel good too.

Here are a few ideas for gifts that give back this Christmas, for your list or someone else’s.




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