Gear of the Year

This binding is the best innovation we’ve seen this year

The Marker Kingpin is a truly groundbreaking touring binding, and this

And the ski of the year 2015-16 is…

After extensive testing, months of debating and careful consideration we can

Head Total Joy, Women’s Ski of the Year

The Head Total Joy crept up on us… We were very close

K2 Route helmet, Accessory of the Year

Every so often there’s something you see and think ‘I’ve got

Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12, Innovation of the Year

The Vipec wins our Innovation Award because it brings twist-out toe

Scarpa F1 Evo, Gold Award Winner

We don’t always look to the super-light racing end of any

Haglöfs, Clothing Brand of the Year

Difficult to put into words, but here’s a brand with real

Atomic Hawx 2.0, Boot of the Year

The Hawx has been a go-to boot for the past four

Black Diamond Jetforce Airbag, Gold Award Winner

The radical design for this airbag came about when one of
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