Scott Superguide Freetour

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Weighing in at 1.6kg per ski in the 185cm length we tested, the all-new Scott Superguide Freetour 104 is impressively light for a ski boasting a relatively burly 105mm underfoot.

Dickie tested the ski over the course of three days at altitude in the Mont Blanc Massif where he was treated to the typical full spectrum of high mountain conditions. Strong, confident and lightweight was the summary (of the ski, obvs…) but if you’re looking for more detail, over to the man himself:

“There’s a bit of rocker for the first foot in the tip – I’d call it a long nose – and a carbon wrap to stiffen and dampen the wood core. With 105mm underfoot and a long 24m turn radius you’ve got a stable platform for cranking up the descents. The three days threw up clattery surface – bearable because the Free Tour is well-damped – and a few patches of soft snow, which show the rebound quality that makes this a pukka powder operator capable of bouncing and playing in deep snow. That stability means you can let it run and put in some big, smeary turns on increasingly steep pitches. It is soft enough to bend when pressured up so can be turned harder than you’d expect, but I’d class the narrower underfoot Superguide 95 as better in hardpack”.

Also in 95 and 88 widths.


The all-new Scott Superguide Freetour 104 is a hike and ride specialist designed for adventure-seeking skiers looking for ease of ascent and a potent downhill experience.

Scott Superguide Freetour
178, 185
24m @ 185
136-105-124 @ 185
Weight per ski
1610g @ 185

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